In questa pagina puoi trovare alcune testimonianze su Luca Moreschi e sull’Eco Polishing Wheels.

“Our Customers are very satisfied with their results, so we will buy further Polishing Wheels ECO.

I want to keep the whole range in stock for my Customers.”
Pete DeGorter, Owner of DeGorter Distribution.


“Hallo, I’m Mirko from Novavetro. The Polishing Wheel ECO has a longer life than any wheels on the market: you can work a 50% longer with very high performance.

At the end the cut edge has a very good finishing even on the multilayer glass.

What surprised me is that the grip exists from the very beginning.

You need no break-in and you can keep the usual preset in your CNC machine. Very easy to use.”
Mirko, Vetreria Novavetro.


“Good morning, I’m Andrea Rossi, Vetrolook, I’ve got a 34-year experience as a glazier and I’ve been using a CNC machine for 10 years.

In this period I’ve done many tests on most of both abrasive and polishing wheels existing on the market.

About polishing, I’ve found the optimum situation by using the Polishing Wheel ECO.

It’s easy to get the profile, it crystallize quickly, so it’s immediately ready to work efficiently.

The other wheels you can find on the market need twice to start performing and they don’t get the same quality level.”
Andrea Rossi, Vetreria Vetrolook


“My name’s Antonino Galatà, I met Luca Moreschi some years ago when one of my work projects brought me in touch with his family’s company.

I took the role of technical advisor for M.L.I. during Luca’s company start-up.

My contribution has been oriented to factory activity, resource planning, manufacturing, quality control and technical documentation.

What surprised me more is the company’s diligence and dedication in good practice rules application in all productive and sales aspects:

from raw material selection and storage to mold care, from machinery choice, conceived on purpose for this type of product, to process control.

In M.L.I. environment I’ve found it easy to let them apply numerous important suggestions which bring benefit to quality, efficiency and product cost.”
Ing. Antonino Galatà


“When we met at the Glasstec 2016 fair in Dusseldorf you offered me the ECO Polishing Wheels.

On that occasion I told you that for me is important to work with quality and give my clients the very well-polished glass.

Today I’m writing to tell you that with your ECO wheel I got exactly the result I want.

The quality of the glass polishing is very high.

The service operates did you give me the advice I figure out how best to use the ECO wheel and even the speed of delivery has allowed me to work at their best.

I am sure this is just the beginning of a long collaboration.”
Glasschleiferei Brudgam


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